The Plan is to get minorities and supporters of minorities to become members of N.I.A.-7 INC. A corporation that's set up for the sole purpose of empowering minority people with our own money without causing any stress or making anyone feel overwhelmed or pressured into giving more than they can afford. Without knowing who their funds are benefiting N.I.A-7 is asking for you to subscribe, follow and like our pages on all social media platforms. and a donation of what you can afford. N.I.A-7 will be able to fund the start up cost as well as training for people that has submitted a business plan or proposal to fund their dream business in their community. If we all join we can buy a city block and build homes in our communities, start training facilities private/charter schools that are geared towards the advancement of black children. If we just work together the possibilities are endless. Shares in N.I.A-7 will be giving out to to many of our supporters creating a income for many families.